Two Horizontal Shots Of Barbecue Fun At Saylorville Lake In Des Moines Iowa

Barbecue time at Saylorville Lake in Des Moines, Iowa – Celebrating Nepali New Year 2068 BS. Photo taken on 2011-04-23

Two photos of Prayer Wheels at Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Nepal.

The prayer wheels

Two Nepali women churning the prayer wheels at Swayambhu Nepal

Swayambhunath is an ancient religious complex atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, west of Kathmandu city. It is also known as the Monkey Temple as there are holy monkeys living in the north-west parts of the temple. The Tibetan name for the site means ‘Sublime Trees’ ( Shing.kun), for the many varieties of trees found on the hill. However, Shing.kun may be a corruption of the local Newari name for the complex, Singgu, meaning ‘self-sprung’. For the Buddhist Newars in whose mythological history and origin myth as well as day-to-day religious practice, Swayambhunath occupies a central position, it is probably the most sacred among Buddhist pilgrimage sites. For Tibetans and followers of Tibetan Buddhism, it is second only to Boudhanath. The Swayambhunath complex consists of a stupa, a variety of shrines and temples, some dating back to the Licchavi period. A Tibetan monastery, museum and library are more recent additions. The stupa has Buddha’s eyes and eyebrows painted on. Between them, there is something painted which looks like the nose – but is the Nepali symbol of ‘unity’, in the main Nepali language dialect. There are also shops, restaurants and hostels. The site has two access points: a long stairway, claimed to have 365 steps, leading directly to the main platform of the temple, which is from the top of the hill to the east; and a car road around the hill from the south leading to the southwest entrance. The first sight on reaching the top of the stairway is the Vajra. Much of Swayambhunath’s iconography comes from the Vajrayana tradition of Newar Buddhism. However, the complex is also an important site for Buddhists of many schools, and is also revered by Hindus. (Text Source: Wikipedia / Creative Commons)

Cambodian American Asian Model Seen In Blue Dress With Umbrella During Asian Heritage Festival 2011 In Des Moines

Cambodian American Asian Model Seen In Blue Dress With Umbrella During Asian Heritage Festival May 2011 In Des Moines, Iowa
Photo By Kushal Paudyal

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