The Grays Lake Beach Regulations On A Metal Board (Photo)

I was walking along the beach at Grays lake in Des Moines Iowa one day and I saw this Beach Regulation board. The normal rules.

  1. No alcohol
  2. No lifeguard On Duty
  3. No glass containers
  4. No pets allowed on beach
  5. No smoking on beach
  6. No swimming after sunset

Learn them by heart :)

Grays lake area contains many opportunities for walking, biking, swimming etc and is one of the busiest area of Iowa and is located in Des Moines Metro area. There is a two-mile trail encircling the lake. The trail is well lit in the evening and has emergency phones.

Photographing a photographer in the silhouette

When we are bored, we normally go out for photography. Photography is not our profession, but it’s what we do for fun and as a passion. Me and my friends went to Gray’s lake in Des Moines the first weekend of January 2011 just to have fun taking pictures. This silhouette was taken there. It was very freezing and our fingers almost stopped clicking any more pictures – that’s when we thought it’s time to get back to home.