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The following are the links (outside of Sanjaal Network), that let you download Nepali MP3 songs. These are the direct links. If some links are broken, please email us to info AT sanjaal DOT com so that we always have a clean list. Just to let you know, we do not host mp3 songs in our servers, unless we have the proper copyrights.

These are external links, served by various sites like,,, etc.

Please read our disclaim page before downloading the songs.

Want to download songs not available in the list above but embedded in various posts?

Not all the songs embedded in our various posts within Nepali songs section are downloadable. A list of songs available for download are listed under various links this page above .

There are several ways you can download youtube videos that are included in our videos. One way is to install the following add on in Firefox browser and open this song in youtube (Download songs link in various format will be below the video).

If you want to download the mp3 only from any youtube video, the following site might be useful.

Please use this websites for your personal use. Sanjaal Corps will not be responsible for any of the users illegal actions.

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