Kunti Moktan – Bhanchhan Kohi Jindagi Yo (Music Video)

Song: Bhanchhan Kohi Jindagi Yo
Singer: Kunti Moktan
Album: N/A
Lyrics: N/A
Guitar Tabs: N/A

Kunti Moktan Less Known Facts:
(Source: Wavemag)

  • Born in the hills of Darjeeling in 1962, Kunti Moktan celebrates her birthday on 11 July.
  • Recorded her first song with the All India Radio at the age of 15, she was 18 when she recorded her 2nd song for Radio Nepal.
  • She married at the age of 21 to her childhood friend and lover Sheela Bahadur Moktan, whom she regularly met in her music classes.
  • Even after thirty one years of singing she still gets nervous while performing on stage.
  • She is currently teaching music in a total of twelve schools around the Valley.
  • She loves to spend time playing the harmonium, listening to music of all genres and having quality time with her two daughters.
  • She also loves celebrating all kinds of festivals. She thinks festivals help to spread happiness and joy, brings together broken family and friends and simply because it is loads of fun. She even goes all the way to the Tarai to celebrate holi every year.
  • Giving birth to her daughters Shital and Shubani and seeing their pictures on their debut album cover are two of her most memorable moments.
  • Has a very open relationship with her two singing birds who call her ‘mamu’ with love and scream ‘mommy’ when angry.
  • Some of her all time favorite movies are Kusume Rumaal and Lahure.
  • Her favorite newcomers are Anju Pantha, Dibya Subba and obviously her daughters.
  • Has a pet dog called Mangali and calls grey her favourite shade of colour.
  • She does not believe in separatism of people into religion, caste, colour, and race.
  • Credits the love and support she gets from her husband and children for her success.
  • Is very passionate about her work and places it as a top priority in her life.

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