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Foremost Disclosure:
Sanjaal Corps has collected the poems available in our Nepali Poems section from various resources over the internet. These are in addition to the poems that are directly provided to us by various authors. The credit of these poems go to their original authors. If you are the original author or publishers of the poems published in our section and have objection to their being used in our website, please send us an email to contact AT sanjaal DOT com with a link of the poems that you would like to be removed  . We will review your request and act promptly. (This will not be applicable if you sent us the poem. See our Legal Stuffs section below)

About Nepali Poems At Sanjaal Corps:
This is another venture by Sanjaal Corps to gather, categorize and present Nepali Poems from all times, and by all authors, new or old. Watch us grow slowly.

Are you a poet and want to have an editor role at this blog?
We encourage the poets to obtain an ‘editor’ role. To do so, please register yourself to this blog (which will by default make you a subscriber), then send us an email to contact AT Sanjaal DOT com with your registered ID and a note mentioning that you would like to be an editor. We require at least five of your poems published at this blog to grant you the editor role. So, if your poems are not published already, do send us your five best poems – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sending Poems To Sanjaal Corps For Publishing:
There are two ways you can send us your poems, muktaks and gajals –

  1. Email us your work to contact AT sanjaal DOT com
  2. Or, send us a hard copy of your poem to P.O. Box 23882, Kathmandu, Nepal

What about other genres of literature apart from poems?
We also maintain few more genres of literature. Authors are always welcomed to send us their work in these genres.

  • Collection of Nepali Stories is available here.
  • More generic collection of Nepali Articles is available here.
  • Kitchen Literature is a term we coined for food recipes. Collection of Nepali food recipes are available here.

Want to post the comments in the existing poems?
It’s our policy to allow only the registered users to make comments in any of the poems. The policy applies to other blogs like Nepali Stories or Nepali Articles. Registering is quick and  free and can be done by clicking here.

Legal Stuff:

If you are the author of the poems, and if you submit your content to us, you automatically grant us the right to your content. What this means is, once it gets published on our website, it will be upon us to whether follow your request to take it off or deny it. If you do not consent to our policy, please do not submit us your poems.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I get my own Category (all poems grouped by your name?

We need to have at least 5 of your poems published at Sanjaal to create a category on your name.

If I publish a poem in your site, can I later re-publish the same poem in printed form in some other magazine or book? If I publish a poem in your site, can I keep it in my personal blog citing the publication in your website?
Absolutely. You own your content. We leave it upto you how and where you want to publish your poems. We absolutely have no problem with that. However, once the content is published in Sanjaal it is upto the moderators and administrators to honor the take down (request to remove content from our website). We may or may not remove articles from our website, even if you request it.

Why my poems are being tagged as ‘Sent to Sanjaal Corps via Email’?

We take articles from many different sources both online as well as magazines. We also get a lot of poems in our emails. To differentiate the poems we get directly versus the ones we collect it from other resources, we put a tag out there – so that it will be easy for us to find out what poems were a direct contributions. In fact the poems that we tag have more values to us than the ones we collect (for example – down the line when we progress, we might want to provide some free gifts to the direct contributors as a thank you note).  That is the reason we are differentiating the poems  – which makes us easy to figure out.


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