How To Get All Supported Timzone IDs, Display Name and GMT Offset


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TimeZone represents a time zone offset, and also figures out daylight savings. Typically, you get a TimeZone using getDefault which creates a TimeZone based on the time zone where the program is running. For example, for a program running in Japan, getDefault creates a TimeZone object based on Japanese Standard Time. You can also get a TimeZone using getTimeZone along with a time zone ID. For instance, the time zone ID for the U.S. Pacific Time zone is “America/Los_Angeles”. So, you can get a U.S. Pacific Time TimeZone object with:

TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone(“America/Los_Angeles”);

You can use the getAvailableIDs method to iterate through all the supported time zone IDs. You can then choose a supported ID to get a TimeZone. If the time zone you want is not represented by one of the supported IDs, then a custom time zone ID can be specified to produce a TimeZone.

Code to print out all available timezones:


 * @Author Kushal Paudyal
 * Last Modified On 2009-11-11
 * Prints our all the available timezones.
 * Some logic added to format the output display.
import java.util.Date;
import java.util.TimeZone;

public class ListAllAvailableTimeZones {

	public static void main(String arg[]) {


	 * This method will print all available timezones.
	 * The code that has been commented out was used to find
	 * maximum length of the timezone id and display name so
	 * that spaces can be padded to have a nice output.
	public static void printAvailableTimeZones()
		 int maxTzNameLength=0;
		 int minTzNameLength=999;

		 int maxIdLength=0;
		 int minIdLength=999;
		Date date = new Date();
		String TimeZoneIds[] = TimeZone.getAvailableIDs();
		for (int i = 0; i < TimeZoneIds.length; i++) {
			TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone(TimeZoneIds[i]);
			String tzName = tz.getDisplayName(tz.inDaylightTime(date),


			 if(tzName.length() <minTzNameLength)


			 if(TimeZoneIds[i].length() <minIdLength)

			 * padding the timezoneid[i] with blankspaces for nice output.
			 * 32 was the maximum length of timezoneid[i]. So anything smaller
			 * will be padded with 32 - TimeZoneIds[i].length()
			 * for example, if a string TimeZoneIds[i] has a length of 27, we will pad
			 * 5 spaces.
					+ getBlankSpaces(32 - TimeZoneIds[i].length()) + ":");

			/**Get the number of hours from GMT**/
			int rawOffset = tz.getRawOffset();
			int hour = rawOffset / (60 * 60 * 1000);
			int minute = Math.abs(rawOffset / (60 * 1000)) % 60;

			 * padding the name with blankspaces for nice output.
			 * 53 was the maximum length of tzName. So anything smaller
			 * will be padded with 53-tzName.lenghth()
			 * for example, if a timezone name length is 33, we will pad
			 * 20 spaces.
			tzName += getBlankSpaces(53 - tzName.length());

			System.out.println(tzName + " " + "GMT" + (hour >= 0 ? "+" : "")
					+ hour + ":" + minute);

		 System.out.println("\n\nMax TzName Length "+maxTzNameLength);
		 System.out.println("Min TzName Length "+minTzNameLength);

		 System.out.println("\n\nMax ID Length "+maxIdLength);
		 System.out.println("Min ID Length "+minIdLength);

	 * @param length --> number of spaces required
	 * @return spaces
	 * Return a series of spaces according to length param.
	 * If you pass 5 as paramter, a string will 5 spaces will be returned.
	public static String getBlankSpaces(int length) {
		String blankSpaces = "";
		for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
			blankSpaces += " ";
		return blankSpaces;

Output of this program:

Etc/GMT+12 GMT-12:00 GMT-12:0
Etc/GMT+11 GMT-11:00 GMT-11:0
MIT West Samoa Time GMT-11:0
Pacific/Apia West Samoa Time GMT-11:0
Pacific/Midway Samoa Standard Time GMT-11:0
Pacific/Niue Niue Time GMT-11:0
Pacific/Pago_Pago Samoa Standard Time GMT-11:0
Pacific/Samoa Samoa Standard Time GMT-11:0
US/Samoa Samoa Standard Time GMT-11:0
America/Adak Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time GMT-10:0
America/Atka Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time GMT-10:0
Etc/GMT+10 GMT-10:00 GMT-10:0
HST Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Fakaofo Tokelau Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Honolulu Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Johnston Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Rarotonga Cook Is. Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Tahiti Tahiti Time GMT-10:0
US/Aleutian Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time GMT-10:0
US/Hawaii Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10:0
Pacific/Marquesas Marquesas Time GMT-9:30
AST Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
America/Anchorage Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
America/Juneau Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
America/Nome Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
America/Yakutat Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
Etc/GMT+9 GMT-09:00 GMT-9:0
Pacific/Gambier Gambier Time GMT-9:0
US/Alaska Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:0
America/Dawson Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Ensenada Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Los_Angeles Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Tijuana Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Vancouver Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Whitehorse Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
Canada/Pacific Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
Canada/Yukon Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
Etc/GMT+8 GMT-08:00 GMT-8:0
Mexico/BajaNorte Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
PST8PDT Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
Pacific/Pitcairn Pitcairn Standard Time GMT-8:0
US/Pacific Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
US/Pacific-New Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:0
America/Boise Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Cambridge_Bay Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Chihuahua Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Dawson_Creek Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Denver Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Edmonton Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Hermosillo Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Inuvik Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Mazatlan Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Phoenix Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Shiprock Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Yellowknife Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
Canada/Mountain Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
Etc/GMT+7 GMT-07:00 GMT-7:0
MST Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
MST7MDT Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
Mexico/BajaSur Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
Navajo Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
PNT Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
US/Arizona Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
US/Mountain Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:0
America/Belize Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Cancun Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Chicago Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Costa_Rica Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/El_Salvador Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Guatemala Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Indiana/Knox Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Indiana/Petersburg Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Indiana/Vincennes Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Knox_IN Eastern Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Managua Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Menominee Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Merida Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Mexico_City Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Monterrey Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/North_Dakota/Center Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Rainy_River Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Rankin_Inlet Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Regina Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Swift_Current Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Tegucigalpa Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Winnipeg Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
CST Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
CST6CDT Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
Canada/Central Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
Canada/East-Saskatchewan Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
Canada/Saskatchewan Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
Chile/EasterIsland Easter Is. Summer Time GMT-6:0
Etc/GMT+6 GMT-06:00 GMT-6:0
Mexico/General Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
Pacific/Easter Easter Is. Summer Time GMT-6:0
Pacific/Galapagos Galapagos Time GMT-6:0
US/Central Central Standard Time GMT-6:0
US/Indiana-Starke Eastern Standard Time GMT-6:0
America/Bogota Colombia Time GMT-5:0
America/Cayman Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Coral_Harbour Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Detroit Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Eirunepe Acre Time GMT-5:0
America/Fort_Wayne Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Grand_Turk Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Guayaquil Ecuador Time GMT-5:0
America/Havana Central Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Indiana/Indianapolis Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Indiana/Marengo Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Indiana/Vevay Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Indianapolis Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Iqaluit Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Jamaica Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Kentucky/Louisville Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Kentucky/Monticello Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Lima Peru Time GMT-5:0
America/Louisville Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Montreal Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Nassau Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/New_York Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Nipigon Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Panama Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Pangnirtung Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Port-au-Prince Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Porto_Acre Acre Time GMT-5:0
America/Rio_Branco Acre Time GMT-5:0
America/Thunder_Bay Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Toronto Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
Brazil/Acre Acre Time GMT-5:0
Canada/Eastern Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
Cuba Central Standard Time GMT-5:0
EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
EST5EDT Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
Etc/GMT+5 GMT-05:00 GMT-5:0
IET Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
Jamaica Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
US/East-Indiana Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
US/Eastern Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
US/Michigan Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:0
America/Anguilla Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Antigua Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Aruba Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Asuncion Paraguay Summer Time GMT-4:0
America/Barbados Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Boa_Vista Amazon Time GMT-4:0
America/Campo_Grande Amazon Summer Time GMT-4:0
America/Caracas Venezuela Time GMT-4:0
America/Cuiaba Amazon Summer Time GMT-4:0
America/Curacao Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Dominica Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Glace_Bay Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Goose_Bay Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Grenada Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Guadeloupe Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Guyana Guyana Time GMT-4:0
America/Halifax Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/La_Paz Bolivia Time GMT-4:0
America/Manaus Amazon Time GMT-4:0
America/Martinique Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Moncton Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Montserrat Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Port_of_Spain Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Porto_Velho Amazon Time GMT-4:0
America/Puerto_Rico Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Santiago Chile Summer Time GMT-4:0
America/Santo_Domingo Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/St_Kitts Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/St_Lucia Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/St_Thomas Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/St_Vincent Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Thule Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Tortola Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/Virgin Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
Antarctica/Palmer Chile Summer Time GMT-4:0
Atlantic/Bermuda Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
Atlantic/Stanley Falkland Is. Summer Time GMT-4:0
Brazil/West Amazon Time GMT-4:0
Canada/Atlantic Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
Chile/Continental Chile Summer Time GMT-4:0
Etc/GMT+4 GMT-04:00 GMT-4:0
PRT Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4:0
America/St_Johns Newfoundland Standard Time GMT-3:30
CNT Newfoundland Standard Time GMT-3:30
Canada/Newfoundland Newfoundland Standard Time GMT-3:30
AGT Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Araguaina Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Catamarca Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Cordoba Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Jujuy Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/La_Rioja Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Mendoza Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/San_Juan Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Tucuman Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Argentina/Ushuaia Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Bahia Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Belem Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Buenos_Aires Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Catamarca Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Cayenne French Guiana Time GMT-3:0
America/Cordoba Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Fortaleza Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Godthab Western Greenland Time GMT-3:0
America/Jujuy Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Maceio Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Mendoza Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Miquelon Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time GMT-3:0
America/Montevideo Uruguay Time GMT-3:0
America/Paramaribo Suriname Time GMT-3:0
America/Recife Brasilia Time GMT-3:0
America/Rosario Argentine Time GMT-3:0
America/Sao_Paulo Brasilia Summer Time GMT-3:0
Antarctica/Rothera Rothera Time GMT-3:0
BET Brasilia Summer Time GMT-3:0
Brazil/East Brasilia Summer Time GMT-3:0
Etc/GMT+3 GMT-03:00 GMT-3:0
America/Noronha Fernando de Noronha Time GMT-2:0
Atlantic/South_Georgia South Georgia Standard Time GMT-2:0
Brazil/DeNoronha Fernando de Noronha Time GMT-2:0
Etc/GMT+2 GMT-02:00 GMT-2:0
America/Scoresbysund Eastern Greenland Time GMT-1:0
Atlantic/Azores Azores Time GMT-1:0
Atlantic/Cape_Verde Cape Verde Time GMT-1:0
Etc/GMT+1 GMT-01:00 GMT-1:0
Africa/Abidjan Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Accra Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Bamako Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Banjul Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Bissau Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Casablanca Western European Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Conakry Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Dakar Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/El_Aaiun Western European Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Freetown Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Lome Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Monrovia Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Nouakchott Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Ouagadougou Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Sao_Tome Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Timbuktu Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
America/Danmarkshavn Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Atlantic/Canary Western European Time GMT+0:0
Atlantic/Faeroe Western European Time GMT+0:0
Atlantic/Madeira Western European Time GMT+0:0
Atlantic/Reykjavik Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Atlantic/St_Helena Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Eire Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Etc/GMT GMT+00:00 GMT+0:0
Etc/GMT+0 GMT+00:00 GMT+0:0
Etc/GMT-0 GMT+00:00 GMT+0:0
Etc/GMT0 GMT+00:00 GMT+0:0
Etc/Greenwich Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Etc/UCT Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Etc/UTC Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Etc/Universal Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Etc/Zulu Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Europe/Belfast Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Europe/Dublin Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Europe/Lisbon Western European Time GMT+0:0
Europe/London Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
GB Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
GB-Eire Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
GMT0 GMT+00:00 GMT+0:0
Greenwich Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Iceland Greenwich Mean Time GMT+0:0
Portugal Western European Time GMT+0:0
UCT Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
UTC Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Universal Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
WET Western European Time GMT+0:0
Zulu Coordinated Universal Time GMT+0:0
Africa/Algiers Central European Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Bangui Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Brazzaville Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Ceuta Central European Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Douala Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Kinshasa Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Lagos Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Libreville Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Luanda Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Malabo Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Ndjamena Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Niamey Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Porto-Novo Western African Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Tunis Central European Time GMT+1:0
Africa/Windhoek Western African Summer Time GMT+1:0
Arctic/Longyearbyen Central European Time GMT+1:0
Atlantic/Jan_Mayen Central European Time GMT+1:0
CET Central European Time GMT+1:0
ECT Central European Time GMT+1:0
Etc/GMT-1 GMT+01:00 GMT+1:0
Europe/Amsterdam Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Andorra Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Belgrade Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Berlin Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Bratislava Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Brussels Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Budapest Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Copenhagen Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Gibraltar Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Ljubljana Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Luxembourg Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Madrid Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Malta Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Monaco Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Oslo Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Paris Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Prague Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Rome Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/San_Marino Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Sarajevo Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Skopje Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Stockholm Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Tirane Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Vaduz Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Vatican Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Vienna Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Warsaw Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Zagreb Central European Time GMT+1:0
Europe/Zurich Central European Time GMT+1:0
MET Middle Europe Time GMT+1:0
Poland Central European Time GMT+1:0
ART Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Blantyre Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Bujumbura Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Cairo Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Gaborone Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Harare Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Johannesburg South Africa Standard Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Kigali Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Lubumbashi Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Lusaka Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Maputo Central African Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Maseru South Africa Standard Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Mbabane South Africa Standard Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Tripoli Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Amman Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Beirut Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Damascus Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Gaza Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Istanbul Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Jerusalem Israel Standard Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Nicosia Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Asia/Tel_Aviv Israel Standard Time GMT+2:0
CAT Central African Time GMT+2:0
EET Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Egypt Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Etc/GMT-2 GMT+02:00 GMT+2:0
Europe/Athens Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Bucharest Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Chisinau Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Helsinki Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Istanbul Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Kaliningrad Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Kiev Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Mariehamn Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Minsk Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Nicosia Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Riga Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Simferopol Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Sofia Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Tallinn Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Tiraspol Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Uzhgorod Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Vilnius Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Europe/Zaporozhye Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Israel Israel Standard Time GMT+2:0
Libya Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Turkey Eastern European Time GMT+2:0
Africa/Addis_Ababa Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Asmera Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Dar_es_Salaam Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Djibouti Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Kampala Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Khartoum Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Mogadishu Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Africa/Nairobi Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Antarctica/Syowa Syowa Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Aden Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Baghdad Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Bahrain Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Kuwait Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Qatar Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Riyadh Arabia Standard Time GMT+3:0
EAT Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Etc/GMT-3 GMT+03:00 GMT+3:0
Europe/Moscow Moscow Standard Time GMT+3:0
Indian/Antananarivo Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Indian/Comoro Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
Indian/Mayotte Eastern African Time GMT+3:0
W-SU Moscow Standard Time GMT+3:0
Asia/Riyadh87 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Asia/Riyadh88 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Asia/Riyadh89 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Mideast/Riyadh87 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Mideast/Riyadh88 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Mideast/Riyadh89 GMT+03:07 GMT+3:7
Asia/Tehran Iran Standard Time GMT+3:30
Iran Iran Standard Time GMT+3:30
Asia/Baku Azerbaijan Time GMT+4:0
Asia/Dubai Gulf Standard Time GMT+4:0
Asia/Muscat Gulf Standard Time GMT+4:0
Asia/Tbilisi Georgia Time GMT+4:0
Asia/Yerevan Armenia Time GMT+4:0
Etc/GMT-4 GMT+04:00 GMT+4:0
Europe/Samara Samara Time GMT+4:0
Indian/Mahe Seychelles Time GMT+4:0
Indian/Mauritius Mauritius Time GMT+4:0
Indian/Reunion Reunion Time GMT+4:0
NET Armenia Time GMT+4:0
Asia/Kabul Afghanistan Time GMT+4:30
Asia/Aqtau Aqtau Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Aqtobe Aqtobe Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Ashgabat Turkmenistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Ashkhabad Turkmenistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Dushanbe Tajikistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Karachi Pakistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Oral Oral Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Samarkand Uzbekistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Tashkent Uzbekistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Time GMT+5:0
Etc/GMT-5 GMT+05:00 GMT+5:0
Indian/Kerguelen French Southern & Antarctic Lands Time GMT+5:0
Indian/Maldives Maldives Time GMT+5:0
PLT Pakistan Time GMT+5:0
Asia/Calcutta India Standard Time GMT+5:30
IST India Standard Time GMT+5:30
Asia/Katmandu Nepal Time GMT+5:45
Antarctica/Mawson Mawson Time GMT+6:0
Antarctica/Vostok Vostok Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Almaty Alma-Ata Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Bishkek Kirgizstan Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Colombo Sri Lanka Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Dacca Bangladesh Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Dhaka Bangladesh Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Omsk Omsk Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Qyzylorda Qyzylorda Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Thimbu Bhutan Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Thimphu Bhutan Time GMT+6:0
BST Bangladesh Time GMT+6:0
Etc/GMT-6 GMT+06:00 GMT+6:0
Indian/Chagos Indian Ocean Territory Time GMT+6:0
Asia/Rangoon Myanmar Time GMT+6:30
Indian/Cocos Cocos Islands Time GMT+6:30
Antarctica/Davis Davis Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Bangkok Indochina Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Hovd Hovd Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Jakarta West Indonesia Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Phnom_Penh Indochina Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Pontianak West Indonesia Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Saigon Indochina Time GMT+7:0
Asia/Vientiane Indochina Time GMT+7:0
Etc/GMT-7 GMT+07:00 GMT+7:0
Indian/Christmas Christmas Island Time GMT+7:0
VST Indochina Time GMT+7:0
Antarctica/Casey Western Standard Time (Australia) GMT+8:0
Asia/Brunei Brunei Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Chongqing China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Chungking China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Harbin China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Hong_Kong Hong Kong Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Irkutsk Irkutsk Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Kashgar China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Kuala_Lumpur Malaysia Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Kuching Malaysia Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Macao China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Macau China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Makassar Central Indonesia Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Manila Philippines Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Shanghai China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Singapore Singapore Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Taipei China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Ujung_Pandang Central Indonesia Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Ulan_Bator Ulaanbaatar Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Urumqi China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Australia/Perth Western Standard Time (Australia) GMT+8:0
Australia/West Western Standard Time (Australia) GMT+8:0
CTT China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Etc/GMT-8 GMT+08:00 GMT+8:0
Hongkong Hong Kong Time GMT+8:0
PRC China Standard Time GMT+8:0
Singapore Singapore Time GMT+8:0
Asia/Choibalsan Choibalsan Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Dili East Timor Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Jayapura East Indonesia Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Pyongyang Korea Standard Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Seoul Korea Standard Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Tokyo Japan Standard Time GMT+9:0
Asia/Yakutsk Yakutsk Time GMT+9:0
Etc/GMT-9 GMT+09:00 GMT+9:0
JST Japan Standard Time GMT+9:0
Japan Japan Standard Time GMT+9:0
Pacific/Palau Palau Time GMT+9:0
ROK Korea Standard Time GMT+9:0
ACT Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) GMT+9:30
Australia/Adelaide Central Summer Time (South Australia) GMT+9:30
Australia/Broken_Hill Central Summer Time (South Australia/New South Wales) GMT+9:30
Australia/Darwin Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) GMT+9:30
Australia/North Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) GMT+9:30
Australia/South Central Summer Time (South Australia) GMT+9:30
Australia/Yancowinna Central Summer Time (South Australia/New South Wales) GMT+9:30
AET Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Antarctica/DumontDUrville Dumont-d’Urville Time GMT+10:0
Asia/Sakhalin Sakhalin Time GMT+10:0
Asia/Vladivostok Vladivostok Time GMT+10:0
Australia/ACT Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Australia/Brisbane Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) GMT+10:0
Australia/Canberra Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Australia/Currie Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Australia/Hobart Eastern Summer Time (Tasmania) GMT+10:0
Australia/Lindeman Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) GMT+10:0
Australia/Melbourne Eastern Summer Time (Victoria) GMT+10:0
Australia/NSW Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Australia/Queensland Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) GMT+10:0
Australia/Sydney Eastern Summer Time (New South Wales) GMT+10:0
Australia/Tasmania Eastern Summer Time (Tasmania) GMT+10:0
Australia/Victoria Eastern Summer Time (Victoria) GMT+10:0
Etc/GMT-10 GMT+10:00 GMT+10:0
Pacific/Guam Chamorro Standard Time GMT+10:0
Pacific/Port_Moresby Papua New Guinea Time GMT+10:0
Pacific/Saipan Chamorro Standard Time GMT+10:0
Pacific/Truk Truk Time GMT+10:0
Pacific/Yap Yap Time GMT+10:0
Australia/LHI Load Howe Summer Time GMT+10:30
Australia/Lord_Howe Load Howe Summer Time GMT+10:30
Asia/Magadan Magadan Time GMT+11:0
Etc/GMT-11 GMT+11:00 GMT+11:0
Pacific/Efate Vanuatu Time GMT+11:0
Pacific/Guadalcanal Solomon Is. Time GMT+11:0
Pacific/Kosrae Kosrae Time GMT+11:0
Pacific/Noumea New Caledonia Time GMT+11:0
Pacific/Ponape Ponape Time GMT+11:0
SST Solomon Is. Time GMT+11:0
Pacific/Norfolk Norfolk Time GMT+11:30
Antarctica/McMurdo New Zealand Daylight Time GMT+12:0
Antarctica/South_Pole New Zealand Daylight Time GMT+12:0
Asia/Anadyr Anadyr Time GMT+12:0
Asia/Kamchatka Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski Time GMT+12:0
Etc/GMT-12 GMT+12:00 GMT+12:0
Kwajalein Marshall Islands Time GMT+12:0
NST New Zealand Daylight Time GMT+12:0
NZ New Zealand Daylight Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Auckland New Zealand Daylight Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Fiji Fiji Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Funafuti Tuvalu Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Kwajalein Marshall Islands Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Majuro Marshall Islands Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Nauru Nauru Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Tarawa Gilbert Is. Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Wake Wake Time GMT+12:0
Pacific/Wallis Wallis & Futuna Time GMT+12:0
NZ-CHAT Chatham Daylight Time GMT+12:45
Pacific/Chatham Chatham Daylight Time GMT+12:45
Etc/GMT-13 GMT+13:00 GMT+13:0
Pacific/Enderbury Phoenix Is. Time GMT+13:0
Pacific/Tongatapu Tonga Time GMT+13:0
Etc/GMT-14 GMT+14:00 GMT+14:0
Pacific/Kiritimati Line Is. Time GMT+14:0

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