Labor Permit After H1 Stamping From Nepal

Posted on October 10th, 2014 in Labor Permit Nepal by Sanjaal Corps

If you are planning to go to Nepal for getting your H1 visa stamped, you need to take a labor permit from the Government of Nepal to fly back to United States. This applies to all Nepali citizens.

Where do I get the labor permit?
Office of Foreign Employment division under Department of Labor (I don’t remember the exact name of this division) lies somewhere between the old and new baneshwor (In front of Ratna Rajya Laxmi school). This office is responsible for providing you the permit to work in United States under H1B visa.

What documents do I required?
Per my personal experience, you will require the following items:

  • Your original passport with the H1 Visa stamping
  • Your Job offer letter from the copmany in US mentioning the total number of hours you are going to work per hour. [ My offer letter didn't have this hours mentioned. So after the argument with the officer, he made me write a paragraph taking all the responsibilities on my own head if something happens if I work more than 48 hours per week, and then I had to sign it in front of him]
  • You will be requiring few copies of your passport sized photographs.
  • Health Insurance for two years from Rastriya Bima Sansthan.
  • Medical Checkup from some listed doctors/hospitals

You will have to fill in a form and attach the documents.

What does the labor permit look like?
It’s a small sticker pasted at some of your back pages in the passport with some date and serial number in it.

What if I dont take this labor permit?
The guys at immigration will not allow you to board the plane. There are several incidents where the guys had to cancel their flights, get this document and pass the immigration after a week. But I am aware of some exceptions to due to the political influence.

If I take this document from the office mentioned above, is that final?
No. On the day you are planning to travel, you have to verify your labor permit at the immigration section at Tribhuvan International Airport. You will be requiring to have your medical checkup document and the insurance document. The immigration section is located on the top floor just as you go up the stairs (just before you enter the hall where you will fill the departure forms). They will check your passport, insurance and medical documents and stamp your labor permit.

My wife/ children are traveling with me on H4 visa. Do I have to take any extra steps for her?
No. You dont have to get any permit or any other documents (including medical checkup / insurance)  for them.

Is there a shortcut?
I have seen that the lekha padhi guys outside that office take some money from you, prepare a fake medical checkup, fake insurance good enough for the Goverment Office. And guess what, it takes them just half an hour to get you everything. I just feel stupid why the corruption has encroached everywhere in Nepal.

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