Lyrics – Nepathya – Yo Jindagani

Jivana Ho Ghama Chhayan
Sukha Dukha Dubai Hunchha
Jivana Ho Dina Maya
Chatapati Tadpan Hunchha
Samaya Chakra Ma Ghumi Rahne
Ghadi Ko Tara Ho Ki
Nasha Ma Jhumi Rahane Kunai,
Bhula Ho Ki
Hansi Hansi Banchi Dinchha,
Khusi Ma Nachi Dinchha
Yehi Ho Ki Yesko Bani
Yo Jindagani … X 8

Dhana Yesai Biti Jane,
Dina Ho Ki
Aasha Ma Jhumi Rahane,
Jutho Sapana Ho Ki
Pida Ma Dukhi Hunchha,
Chota Lagda Sahi Dinchha
Aago Hunchha Kahile Pani,
Yo Jindagani …X 25 +(Till Fade)
Did You Know

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