Lyrics – Narayan Gopal – Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi

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Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi Mana Bhari Dukha Na Deyou – 2
Bato Wara Para Phulne Palas Tipi Sir Na Lau
Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi

Jo Bhgayo Ma Koriyeka, Sukha Dukha Swikara Chhan  2
Kehi Tita Pal, Kehi Mitha Pal, Sabai Sabia Swikara Chhan
Ti Hatha Haru Prasasta Chha, Bho Santona Malai Na Deyou

Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi
Yo Baato Ma Kati Kaanda Kati Phool Tipi Hinden  2
Kati Paraye Aafna Dekhen, Kati Aafna Paraye Bheten

Yo Jindagi Ko Moda Ma, Bho Sahara Malai Na Deu
Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi Mana Bhari Dukha Na Deyou – 2
Bato Wara Para Phulne Palas Tipi Sir Na Lau

Yeti Dherai Maya Diyi

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