Sarun Tamrakar of The Uglyz Band

Born on 10 November, Sarun sees himself as a simple, down to earth man who enjoys spending time with close family and friends. Has a bad temper which even he fears.

Was interested in music for as long as he can remember but if he wasn’t a musician he thinks he would have been a good critic.

Sorry girls, but Sarun is taken. His ideal woman is our one and only former Miss Nepal Payal Sakya. And the most significant moment of his life is getting engaged to her at 5 AM at a temple on Sripanchami.

Sarun has had many disappointing moments in life. But as an optimist, he would rather not dwell on them and chooses to learn from it for the future.

An embarrassing or a rather surprising time he has had was during a job orientation in Sydney. In the middle of this orientation a Nepali guy shouted out his name in front of everyone which surprised a lot of people for the longest time.

His family is his inspiration to play music. They have always encouraged him. But ever since his album Rush, it is the Nepali music lovers who inspire him the most.

Other bands and singers that he has been listening to are Stoned Amp, Rory and Friends, Mt 8848, DJ Raju, Mukti n Revival, Naren Limbu, Dibya Subba, Lochan Rijal, Karma, Axix, Deep Shrestha and his all time favorite MA-HA comedy MP3.

He is planning to come back soon and is currently in Australia working on his new album In Transit that his band is hoping to release sometime this year. This is a challenging album for the whole band as none of the members are together geographically, but their spirits are still high.

Living far away from home, Sarun misses his culture, Newari food, his friends, his dog Priti, Mahaboudha Tol where he grew up, traffic jam and for a very weird reason (that no one will understand) – load shedding! Summing it up, he just misses being a normal Nepali.

Though he loves Newari food, in Sydney he prefers Japanese, Chinese or Thai food.  Being the ‘pampered kancha chorra’, he still doesn’t know how to cook.

Comfort is the key for him though is a picky dresser. He would rather the wear the same old clothes for years if he can’t find the one he likes.

He wants to thank all his fans for supporting the band through the years. Get ready to see him soon as the wait is almost over.

Written By SHRADHA BASNYAT [Source: Wave Magazine]

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