Balkrishna Sama – Photo Post

Balkrishna Sama was a Nepali Writer. Some of his literary work can be found here.

Excerpt of Balkrishna Sama’s Biography from SpinyBabbler website.

Bal Krishna Sama was born as the second son to General Samer Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana and Kirti Rajya Laxmi in1902 in Gyaneshwor. As the son of a Rana – the then ruling regime in Nepal at the time – Bal Krishna Sama was able to receive the best education available in the country. Later on in life, he never experienced financial problems unlike many writers of his time.

Sama completed his high school from Durbar High School in Rani Pokhari and took up science in Tri Chandra Campus. During his second year of academic studies, he was sent to Dehradoon for army training as an army captain, afterwards he became a Lieutenant Colonel, by the then prime minister Chandra Shumshere who did not receive Sama’s interest in writing positively. At the time, the Nepalese people suffered under a harsh rulership; they had to abide with the rules and regulations of an autocratic Rana government. Sama was not happy about leaving his studies mid-way and was less happy about the political situation of the country. He got married to Mandakini in 1921. (Read the complete article at SpinyBabbler here)

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