Complete List Of Nepali rock Bands

I am trying to build  a complete list of Nepali Rock Bands. I have tried to enlist here as much as I have found while scanning through the internet. If you know about some other bands, please help me create and maintain a complete list of Nepali Rock Bands by sending me the band info to my email Kushal AT Sanjaal DOT com

— Kushal Paudyal, Editor

  1. Albatross Band
  2. Akarshan
  3. Astha Band
  4. Axix Band
  5. Catch 22
  6. Cobweb
  7. COD Band
  8. Karma Band
  9. Mantra
  10. Mukti N Revival
  11. Robin N Looza
  12. Sayas
  13. The 11th Hour
  14. The Edge
  15. The Shadows
  16. The Uglyz
  17. The Yellow Hammer
  18. X-Mantra


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