Pooja Lama – Another Nepali Actress In Sex Scandal Video Release

Call it a break of taboo or call it a personal liberty – Nepali society has seen a scores of private videos of ordinary people and the well known actresses in recent years. It has not been months since the break out of Namrata Shrestha’s scandal video with DJ Tantrik. Now comes another one. It’s Pooja Lama.

The interesting thing is, she got married to a her lover Shishir Syangtan in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu just a couple of days after her video was released publicly. Mr. Syangtan works in one of the FM Radios.

Though we cannot provide you the details about Pooja Lama’s scandal video, there are several websites around which do. The news is authentic, as there are various national and international newspapers talking about it.

We are presenting some of her pictures from past modeling and her recent marriage.

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Source: Various websites

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