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Spice Girls Re-Union on works

I am so happy that spice girls are re-uniting ( minus Victoria ). Geri Halliwell made the exciting announcement today on the British show This Morning. photo credit: no-frills marilyn. “Fundamentally we are friends first and foremost. We started out that way, that very strong friendship, and whatever happens afterwards is a bonus. We always […]


Confessions of a Shopaholic – Calling You

One thing with which we all women can relate to each other is a sacred word called “SHOPPING”…I don’t think there would be single women who doesn’t likes to go shopping…and trust me its kina trait or may be genetic disorder which is gender specific and is passed on from one generation of women to […]


Crazy Funky Stylish Soundtrack of the Week – Pink by Aerosmith

I know guys it is an old number but I truly feel that it was way beyond stylish , fashionable and creative  as compared to  some other songs of that same era.I donno why I am including a sound track in my blog ( which is appareantly dedicated to Fashion n Style) but I feel […]

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